Thursday, April 23, 2015

Alexandra - Fitness Photo Shoot

March 29, 2015 - It has been a long time coming for a shoot with Alexandra, as we discussed it several times, but never got around to doing it. Part of the reason was doing the shoot at a time when she was in her best shape for the shoot. Life gets busy, but we still need to get things done, so I'm glad we finally did this shoot. The good thing is that in due time the opportunity presented itself to use an Mixed-Martial Arts (MMA) gym as the backdrop for the shoot.

As I assessed the environment of the gym and what I wanted for the shoot, there had to be an emphasis on Alexandra's physique, and I believe that interplay of light and shadows made for pleasing and realistic shots. I think we were able to achieve that, and we worked it out ahead of time for Alexandra to wear black apparel. I used two speedlight flashes and two lighting modifiers, one medium sized softbox and one small softbox. Both the softboxes had egg crate grids on them allows for focusing light on your subject while keeping the light from spreading too far off-subject. Here are some highlights from the shoot.


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