Thursday, July 30, 2015

Summary Blog Post (April, May, June, July 2015)

It's the end of July, and somehow I've kept so busy that I wasn't able to blog regularly since my last post in April about Cherry Blossoms I photographed on April 13th. I still justify having a blog so I can share what I've been doing and to have a record of it. I've been keeping busy, and this post will outline some of the exciting things I've been fortunate to capture and experience the past four months.

April 14 - Murder Ballad - A fellow photographer and friend Igor Dmitry asked me to help him photograph a rock musical at the Studio Theatre in DC. I was glad he asked me and excited to photograph a theatrical production. Many years ago I did some small bits of theatre and dance, and even tried a little acting and modeling. In taking production pictures we were told not to use flash, which was fine because it's not needed and it would be distracting. The lights of this made up bar and lounge allowed for interesting lighting and shadows on the actors and guests.