Saturday, March 6, 2010

Photoshop for Digital Photographers

March 1st: Scott Kelby was at the Washington Convention Center in DC for a new tour: Photoshop for Digital Photographers. I was excited to hear Scott teach again in person as he was here last year on one of his stops for his Down & Dirty Tricks Photoshop Tour. Scott's practical and informative teaching brings incredible value, and his humor keeps things going throughout the day. I'm thankful that his tours stop in DC, but I'm sure he likes it here too.

GLiTTARAZZi's First Year Anniversary

February 27: GLiTTARAZZi is a Washington D.C. based gossip blog by writer, philanthropist and entrepreneur Kelly Ann Collins. To celebrate the first year of the GLiTTARAZZi blog, she threw a party at the ultra cool Shadow Room in Washington D.C.

I rolled into the Shadow Room with my compact camera. This night was more for fun than working the camera. I enjoyed hanging with the people there and dancing the night away. Even at 3am energy was still abounding, but it was time to go. Outside a couple fights erupted, but the incidents were quickly suppressed with cops on the scene. What a party, what a night, yet in a few hours there would be light, where the GLiTTARAZZi still shines.