Saturday, February 14, 2009

V Day - More Than Words

I had a good start for this day and it helps that my mother enjoyed it too. I called my mother this morning to wish her a Happy Valentines Day and she was glad I did. I'm sure all mothers would be glad to hear from their sons/daughters and husbands. I brought breakfast over for mom, dad, and I. This made her happy because she enjoys family time, including having meals together.

I had ordered flowers and expected them to be delivered today. My father was a bit reluctant to eat breakfast, but he finally caved in and ate half a sandwich and some hash browns. My mother was going to have to leave her house soon to go somewhere, so I wanted for us to have breakfast before she left. Just after breakfast, the delivery guy came and dropped the flowers outside the front door and rang the door bell. Perfect timing! My mom was excited about the box for her and she went and got her camera. I had my compact camera on me and took photos of everything.

The flowers came with a vase and everything needed to take care of them for as long as possible. I know that my mother loves flowers and did some flower arranging in her time. She also loves chocolate, so those two things were simple yet very meaningful. As I think more about this day, it's more than just about showing love and appreciation one day, but it's for all times. I thought about how much my parents sacrificed for me and how they care about me (and show it in their own way). I don't think you can really have love without sacrifice. So after the flowers, chocolates, and splendor of the moment is gone, there must be more that sustains the relationship. Of course pictures help bring back the memories and so here are 14 photos for mom today and for a lifetime.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Washington Auto Show

I had been looking forward to the Washington Auto Show for about three months. This show was held at the Washington Convention Center from February 4-8. Not only were there going to be many nice cars on display and some celebrities there, but a friend of mine was going to be in the auto show. Events such as this are exciting for me because there is so much to see and photograph.

I was impressed with the array of vehicles, vehicle parts, and the displays from each car manufacturer. Each day of the show had something to offer. There were cars on three levels and adults and children alike enjoyed seeing all the new vehicles, sitting in them, taking photos and having their photo taken.

With the state of this economy some people may not be in the market for a new vehicle, but it's always fun to look at the latest and greatest vehicles, and some of the classics too. I wanted to take a lot of this car show experience in and covered a lot of ground. Here are my photos: